It’s easy to believe in love – if you live 697 kilometers away from it. But everything else becomes a bit more difficult. At least that’s how things are for the ever-brooding Tonic. He lives in Berne, his girlfriend Lisa however is studying in Rome. She was supposed to return to Switzerland after a year – but she hardly mentions that anymore. Thus Tonic's days go by. He finds relief in lengthy discussions with his best friend Marcel, peace in the closeness to his sister Alice, and yet he never stops longing for Lisa. Until one day she steps out of the train in Berne, on one of her rare visits to her hometown...

Director: Moritz Gerber
DP: Simon Jaquemet
Editing: Claudio Cea


Winner Short Film Festival Winterthur
International Film Festival Locarno 2004, Nomination
"Golden Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow"