People are leaving the city, vacation homes in the countryside are more popular than ever. The longing for nature seems to be omnipresent. People are remembering their roots, discovering the new in the original and the power of traditional values. The Alps are experiencing an unprecedented revival as a place of retreat.

E C H O surprises with a new look, allows a change of perspective and listens to the voices from the mountains. The focus is on people who come from the Alpine region and for whom life in the mountains has always been everyday life.

E C H O is a testimony of time. Intimate, personal and close moments, paired with cinematic images and the power of the grandiose mountain scenery, result in a cinematic journey to the Alpine regions and allow for a topical examination of the important issues of our world.

In the midst of these extraordinary times, director NO√čL DERNESCH conducts a philosophical dialogue with the protagonists about their very personal view of the world. An insight that touches, amazes and invites you to reflect.